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  1. August 20, 2014

  2. Fox in the wood
  3.                                                                   HELVIA                                                  Goddess of Heat of Agartha "One of the Guardian of the gates of the center , with an age of 19,064 years, is the strongest guardian, it was seen on volcanos caves , creating new paths to reach the main city"

The sacred God Debris created by dead trees, left standing of fallen spirits of Agartha,It can defy physics and travel through time.

 Goddess of the waves of Agartha
"One of the Guardian of the gates of the south , with an age of 11,190 years, is the youngest  guardian, it was seen only by the sumerian civilization before she dissapear"

"This illustrationS is are for  the "AGARTHIANS GODS" project that I create.
this is an illustration book for this kind of habitants of the inner earth.”
  4. Come away with me.
  5. Madhri 
  6. American Outlaws
  7. Courage.
  8. What has been high will be brought low
  12. Urban Sound Flyer by styleWish