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  1. September 16, 2014

  2. Donating all of my designer proceeds to the Human Rights Campaign. I’d really appreciate your support. Thank you.
  3. marco puccini
"I l f i l o s o f o"
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  6. Alive : Today we will offer you the design expresses Customization > Wallpaper > Digital Art > photomanipulation Entitled :Alive Program of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Appreciate my work if you like that :f â–ºWonderful design tone for the eyes Give Me Feedback © 1434 - 2014 Bido Designer All Rights Reserved
  7. All we need is Love.
  9. Graphic Souls 3d Type
  10. Tribute to one of the greatest symbols of all time. Mexico.
  11. Luxury is about evoking emotion, it shouldn’t be defined by a price point. It’s not often that a young designer can develop a product that can evoke timelessness and class at such a young age, but that is exactly what Dominick Cullari has created with DOMENI CO.   Dominick’s elegant wristwatches are versatile enough to be worn by a man or women no matter what their outfit consists of. 
As a boy Dominick was given a vintage Zenith “Victorious” that was passed down by his grandfather and the brand name DOMENI is a play on words to pay homage to him. This wrist watch sparked not only a love for watches but a passion for design as well. Most kids doodled cars or shoes growing up, Dominick doodled watches.
  12. Birds & Bones - Xavier Segers - The Last Dodo