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  1. July 28, 2014

  3. The beauty of time is that is doesn’t stop for anyone nor does it show any partiality towards anyone. But, if you happen to be wearing the timepiece called Nadir Men’s Watch time will not stop but people will and you might get lucky with your boss as well. It’s the display of this watch that makes it out of the ordinary; presenting time in totally opposite manner. Besides design, Nadir Men’s Watch is made of Black IP Stainless Steel and the band is made of leather. It stands out because of its minimalist design and a slim 8.9 mm case thickness. The watch is water resistant upto 30 meters underwater and comes in a red and black coloured case. The makers call it a unisex watch, either way you might get lucky.
  5. Pixel art (movie)
joojaebum :  behance , facebook
  6. Day 81: Bedroom wall. This illustration had me looking at the bigger picture. My bedroom wall hasI got one of those Staedtler calendars on it and a poster made of A4 paper sheet (on the far right). The poster says : “what will happen to <white space to write down the name of the project> if you die tonight?”I made it as an attempt to remind myself of the importance of working hard each day.
  7. Addictions
Author: Flowing Creation
  9. Berlin Olympia Stadium. Made by Kerstin Weber
  10. The Greatest 
By Simon Walsh
  11. C monogram
  13. Inspirational quote poster.
  14. Artwork made for OFFF St. Petersburg 2014 for Digital Decade ii
  15. The Children suffer the most.  End the occupation.  Freedom to the Palestinian people.  War is wrong.  War is a racket.  Condolences to the families of the departed.